~ 15 Million ₳
Active Stake

Staking your Cardano with our pool implies the benefit of earning rewards on the ADA you delegate to us. Our pool is able to mine considerable blocks every epoch and therefore certainly boosts and increase your income.


Also known as the “Variable Fee,” the Margin is the percentage of total ADA rewards from each epoch that the stake pool operator collects prior to distributing the remaining rewards among all the delegators of the pool.

Return of Investment
You can use the Cardano calculator to get an idea of how much you will earn in rewards. It’s important to note that this tool produces only reward estimates and should not be considered a guarantee of reward amounts.
340 ₳
Fixed Cost
It’s the fixed fee that the stake pool operator collects first in each epoch, then the rest of the rewards are distributed to all delegators. Currently, 340 ₳ is the minimum fixed cost allowable on the Cardano network.
Why choosing Cardano Reserve System?
Supporting "Right to Play"
An international non-profit organization operating in 14 different countries.

Children are amongst the most vulnerable people in the world. For many, their futures are limited by violence, child labor, early marriage, illiteracy and inequality. They fight to attend and stay in school, to be treated with dignity and respect and to be safe. 50% of pool’s margin will be given as donations to empower children to rise above these challenges and find their way back to hope.


Delegating to our pool will help saving lives and keeping children in school and out of work. It teaches them how to prevent life-threatening diseases and keep them safe from exploitation and abuse. It gives them the power to make healthy decisions about their bodies, their futures, and provide them with the skills to drive change in their lives. Together, we won’t let crises hold kids back.

01-07-2022 | 460 ADA was donated to children that is equivalent to $213 at the time of exchange | THANK YOU!


We are committed to 100% transparency at all times.


We establish open and honest relationships, and we keep our promises.


We implement the highest security standards available.

Main Features
Contributes towards community development and strongly believe in giving back.

Founded by veterans who share your love for cryptocurrency.

Operated by Systems & Network Engineers with over 15 years of experience.

Servers are located across Europe, North America, and Asia.
100% uptime with constant monitoring.

We use five separate nodes with powerful hardware and specifications.


Running on high speed internet connection with unlimited traffic.


Full backups are performed on regular basis to ensure functionality.


All our servers are protected by multiple firewalls and have a DDoS protection.

How To Stake (Delegate)
Cardano (ADA) Cryptocurrency

Buy ADA Coins

Purchase Cardano through a crypto exchange like (Binance, Kraken, Coinbase…etc).

Create your Wallet

Install an ADA wallet. You can use Daedalus (Desktop) or Yoroi (Web & Mobile) then select Shelly.

Transfer to Wallet

Transfer your coins from your exchange wallet to your newly created ADA wallet.

Choose our Pool

Open your wallet and go to the delegation list and search for our pool using the below info.

Cardano Reserve System:

Pool ID:

Ticker: CRS

Start earning rewards by staking your ADA to Cardano Reserve System. Rewards will be sent directly to your digital wallet automatically by the end of every epoch (Every 5 days). However, delegating for the first time will take 3 epochs to receive rewards, around 16-20 days.
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Our Services
Offering Cardano staking services worldwide in a safe environment, and contributing towards community development.
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Do you need funding to implement an activity for kids? Let us know and we might be able to help you!

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